StarWalker MaXQ

Ultra Performance Q-Switched Laser System

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Aesthetic Industry Award

Best Multi-Use Technology


Fotona FracTat™ Tattoo Removal Advanced Tattoo Removal 

Laser Removal of Pigmented Lesions Controlled, accurate and precise

Fotona proprietary ASP technology Enabling laser pulse shapes to be adapted to the bio-photonic dynamics of a particular treatment

14 laser modalities and 4 laser wavelengths for the widest range of treatments

Fotona MaQX mode 10 J of unmatched Q-switched pulse energy  


The Fotona StarWalker ASP ultra-short pulse technology combines 4 different wavelengths in an advanced, high-powered solution for tattoo removal.


Pigmented Lesions
Pigmented Lesions

Fotona's proprietary laser pigmented lesion removal treatment offers a controlled, accurate and precise removal that is suitable for all skin types, well-tolerated, and grants patients minimal recovery times

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